Innovative material acts like air conditioning

This material  has properties that do not exist in nature. The hybrid material, consisting of glass and polymer, cools the objects,by reflecting back into space the heat energy of the sun. At the same time enables the surface to diffuse in the external environment – in the form of infrared radiation; its own heat, acting as air conditioning, both day and night The material is light, has a thickness of only 50 microns (millionths of a meter), it is convenient in installation and can be mass-produced cheaply and in film, such as aluminum foil that we have in the kitchen for wrapping.

The researchers, led by associate professor Siampo Yin of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Science of Colorado University of Materials, made after publication in the journal «Science», said the new material could be significant, as it is possible to have wealth practical applications, especially for the cooling of buildings and other objects.

It can also be used to improve the efficiency and lifetime of solar panel, industry, agriculture, aerospace, etc. Particularly in thermoelectric power plants, which consume large amounts of water and electricity, to maintain low temperatures of their machines, the new material could provide great savings and money. Tests have shown that the material has a cooling effect approximately equivalent electricity produced with the use of solar panels in a similar surface .. The average cooling energy is more than 110 watts per square meter for 72 consecutive hours, and the noon exceed 90 watts / per sq.m.