Infiniti’s new electric vehicle platform

Infiniti Motor Company announced that it is developing a brand new power-driven platform based on the Q Inspiration prototype. Nissan’s subsidiary will build an electric vehicle on this platform, one of the five new vehicles it will build in China over the next five years.

Representing the next step in brand design, the outside of Q Inspiration features clear and clear lines with dynamic and robust dimensions. It is the first official “expression” of Infiniti’s new design language, in view of an era of advanced engines.

The design avoids the classic sedan styles, with a coupe-like look and an elongated silhouette, embodying the brand’s design vision for vehicles of this class.

The Q Inspiration cabin follows a minimalist approach, with a “concise” and clean interior design that surrounds the driver and passengers in a serene and comfortable environment. Renewed engines have “released” Infiniti designers from the limitations of the traditional engine architecture to offer a spacious interior.  Modern technology and craftsmanship blend harmoniously into the cabin in a way that refreshes, rather than distracting, the driver’s attention.

The brand also confirms the company’s commitment to electrification. For Chinese car buyers, this translates into vehicles with increased efficiency and fuel economy, coupled with reduced emissions. Infiniti also featured the Prototype 9 e-roadster, a hand-crafted, stylish concept based on the design of a 1940s long car racing car, and features an original electric engine and battery from the Advanced Powertrain division of Nissan Motor Corporation.

The brand is active in China through Dongfeng Motor Company Ltd (DFL), China’s largest car consortium, and in 2017 it recorded a record 48,408 sales in China, up 16% year-on-year.