Increased risk of death from non-natural causes for those suffering from epilepsy

Significantly increased is the risk of death from non-natural causes – an accident or suicide – for those who suffer from epilepsy, according to a British survey. Although the likelihood of a non-naive epileptic death is small in absolute terms (about 0.5%, that is one in 200), it is clearly greater than in non epileptic people.

Researchers at Manchester and Swansea, led by Dr. Hayley Gorton, who published the journal JAMA Neurology, analyzed data for almost 60,000 people with epilepsy and 1.2 million without epilepsy.

Epilepsy patients have been found to have twice as much chance of committing suicide, three times as likely to die from an accident and five times as likely to die from an excessive or wrong dose of drugs (usually opioid analgesics or antipsychotics), according to the Athenian-Macedonian News Agency.

Previous studies have shown that epileptics are at risk of premature death. The researchers stressed the need for people with epilepsy to take their measures to avoid any kind of accidents (traffic, falls, etc.).