Illness that makes memory stronger. Only 60 people suffer all over the world






Rare disease makes memory more powerful. You can remember where you are and what you did inMarch 14th, 2012 at 11 am? Or at least what did you eat for lunch that day a week ago? Probably not, unless you belong to the elite of people who can “dive” even in their most insignificant memories and recall them in their memory with little effort.

Scientific studies show that while most of us forget the insignificant incidents of everyday life in about a week, people with the so-called Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory (HSAM), a state known as transplantation, keep in mind with each detail incidents that happened up to ten years ago!

An official diagnosis of transplantation has been received by only 60 people in the world, the youngest of whom is 23-year-old Marquis Pasteur from Wisconsin, USA.

Unfortunately, the secrets of rare disease have not yet been fully understood by scientists, but what has been confirmed by imaging examinations is that people with Higher Autobiographical Memory draw their memories from the same areas of the brain as we all, show differences in the structure of the brain regions that control their autobiographical memory.

Also, people with Higher Autobiographical Memory tend to be very organizational and have obsession with cleanliness.