Hyperloop’s capsule reached 310klm

Successfully completed the second phase of the ‘vehicle’ of test Hyperloop One, which ran at a speed of 310 kilometers per hour on Trial “track” in the Nevada desert.

As described in the reports, the XP-1 “capsule” accelerated for 300 meters and then rose above the rails using magnetic fields. Then it braked and stopped. Hyperloop One says all systems have been tested successfully.

The next step in the evolution of this new mode of transport and movement should include broadening its radius over longer distances. However, there are three main barriers to its transfer to production: technology, finance, security.

Rob Lloyd, CEO of Hyperloop One, said the test demonstrated how this technology works. It opened a door for talks with partners, customers and governments all over the world about how our technology will be commercially available,” he added.

According to Forbes data, cited estimates of the actual Hyperloop One, the route cost 107 miles in the San Francisco area, for example, will range between 9 and 13 billion US dollars or about 84-121 millions per mile.

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