How to satisfy hunger






A key factor in better control of food and calorie intake and thus effective body weight management is the satisfactory adjustment of hunger. This is also the reason why limiting diets have a low degree of attachment and do not produce the desired results.

But how can we achieve a high sense of satiety and satisfy hunger, avoiding constant eating during the day?

Apart from eating organized meals and avoiding long-standing fasting, the composition of meals and snacks, and the type of food they contain, can greatly differentiate how “happy” we will feel and how long the feeling of hunger will reappear.

Thus, it is important that every meal or snack contains foods that have the ability to cause high saturation. These include fruits, vegetables and whole grain cereals, as they have a high fiber content. So make sure to accompany each meal with a salad and choose fruit and whole grain products as intermediate snacks.

So, you can prolong the feeling of fullness and avoid looking for food before your next scheduled meal.