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A hockey player will be paid in bitcoins

Sports seems ready to go into digital cryptocurrencies, for the first time in Sports History, a hockey player will be paid with Bitcoins.

The sponsorship agreement between a billionaire Bitcoin broker to change his name to the Danish hockey team’s stadium and the fact that the group’s big club’s salary is paid in the digital currency is already provoking great debate in the sport.

Already some virtual coins have come to the world of sport, for example, with Messi as the ambassador of Sirin Labs. But now one more step is taking place, since a professional athlete will receive his salary in Bitcoins.

As of December 27th, Bitcoin Suisse via Saxo Privatbank will be the main sponsor of the Rungsted Seier Capital hockey team in Denmark. Under the three-year agreement, the Rungsted Arena will be renamed Bitcoin Arena. According to Bitcoin Suisse, this is the first time that a “crypto-financial company” grants a professional high-level sports team.

At the same time, the star of the team, Nicolas Rosendal, son of one of the team’s owners, will stop getting payed on Danish crowns and take his salary exclusively in Bitcoins, making him the first professional athlete to do so.

Under the agreement, Bitcoin will have a significant presence in the hockey team’s sports sector. With a Bitcoin of nine meters in diameter in gold and silver as the centerpiece under the ice, but also the hockey shoes will be decorated with Bitcoin logos. Additionally, Bitcoin Arena’s bar will have payment terminals for Bitcoin.