Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak is the US Military ’s New Camouflage!

To all the pessimistic and unimaginative muggles out there who don’t believe in magic, we say, “Ha! Even science backs us up!” or well, they’re attempting to at any rate…

After years of using chicken wire, spray paint, and thermal sheets as camouflage, a new age has dawned on the world where US military forces will be equipped with Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak… OK not exactly, but by something that is quite similar!

Scientists have been working on developing a cloaking material that will allow troops to “disappear” on the battlefield. In the US, British troops from the 3rd Battalion The Riffles have been testing this Hogwarts-like technology – or let’s call it as it is, magic – in mock battlefields. This high-tech camouflage material, called Vatec, was able to hide the soldiers from infra-red and heat-seeking sensors.


And an even more radical technology is being developed by the scientists at MIT and the University of Illinois. They have been trying to replicate how sea creatures like the squid and octopus are able to blend with their environment and appear to be invisible. Their skin is pigmented with rich cells called chromatophones, which react to threats by changing color to fit whatever environment the creature is in. This new material mimics this biological property using what is known as the Visual Appearance Modulation. On one side of the material are tiny light sensitive cells that detect surrounding colors; then, electric signals sent to the top layer trigger its change of color by utilizing heat-sensitive dyes. This process takes merely 2 to 3 seconds to happen, and is expected to be applied to military vehicles on the battlefield within 5 years.


Scientists are saying that this technology is currently ready to be used by soldiers against enemies like Islamic State and Taliban. British Snipers tested this material in mock battlefields by building molding it and building hideouts. And when their fellow soldiers attempted to find them with heat and infra-red sensors, their search proved impossible!

Thank you, science, for restoring hope to our hearts. We know you could’ve never done this without magic, but we can be trusted to never tell. Just tell us were Hogwarts is and we’re even!