What happens to the body when we drink plenty of water

There are those who do not drink enough water, with the known consequence of dehydration of their organism.

There are, however, those who over it with water and over-hydration, can also prove harmful to the body. “Some people are somewhat addicted to water, resulting in an electrolyte imbalance from excessive intake, also known as hyponatraemia,” says Dr. Christopher Calapai.

Chronic hyponatremia is associated with complications such as nausea, vomiting, headache, fatigue, irritability and weakness, while acute hyponatremia can even cause seizures and intense headaches, experts say. Of course, you do not need panic, as cases of hyponatraemia are uncommon.

Those at risk of overconsumption of water are athletes, and exercise hyponatremia (or athletic hyponatremia) is a known phenomenon in the field of medicine. Athletic hyponatraemia is found when the kidneys are overstretched by the large amount of fluid entering the body, unable to manage it effectively.

Symptoms of hyponatraemia:

Dizziness and tendency to faint
Motion sickness
Increase weight during exercise
Vomit tendency
Spiritual confusion
And in rare cases, epileptic seizures.
Experts, therefore, stress that it is important to hear our body and drink water when we are thirsty.