Hand dryers spray in our hands particles from toilet impurities

We have just used the public toilet and after washing our hands, we dry them in the special device, considering that we have just met all the rules of hygiene. Only a study at the University of Connecticut tells us that this is not the only thing we do, incriminating hand dryers for all-hand sabotage of hand washing!

Because, as the researchers tell us, the tumblers suck up the pathogenic micro-organisms of the toilet and what they do is to spray them back in our hands. And what they are spraying are bacteria, microbes and particles from the dirt of the toilet.

The results of their research are even in harmony with earlier findings that accused hand dryers of spreading microbes in the air. Even new-generation tumblers with a weaker flow of air do that by dirtying our hands with exactly what we’re trying to get rid of by washing them.

When we pull the cistern, the toilet bacteria are sprayed in the air and they are absorbed by the hand dryer, warmed up and released again in the air and hands. The study took place in the toilets of the University of Connecticut and the experimental conditions left no room for doubt.

“One reason that hand dryers disperse so many bacteria is the large amount of air that passes through hand dryers.” Next time think about just wiping your hands …