Groom fell into the river for a shocking reason!

In many traditions, grooms and brides must marry someone who will approve their family. Though generally this practice is not bad, it’s definitely a mistake to marry someone you do not like at all. And that was the case.
33-year-old Cang Hoo, after insisting his parents, to marry 30-year-old Na Sung. However, during the wedding, 33-year-old surprised all the guests when he escaped from the wedding because the bride was so ugly that “he would  destroy his image.”

The groom fell into the river as soon as he saw that the girl who would be married through a consul was worse than he could withstand.
A friend of the groom said he has a very specific taste for women. “It was a really awkward moment for everyone. The bride was crushed and her family angry while the family of himself was also angry and we also felt ashamed, “said Pal Chang Wang.

The groom was upset when she arrived at the ceremony and saw how ugly the bride was.
The 33-year-old found himself walking alone for hours after the incident before falling, wanting to put an end to his life. The incident immediately alerted the police. Kian Chui, who took the photo, claimed: ” He was unconscious and I believed he had died. When the police arrived, a policeman dug into the water and tied him with a rope. They saved his life. “It was a very inconvenient moment for all those who were there.

Kang was transfered quickly to the hospital to get his first aid. When they asked him why he did it, the groom replied, “I feel bad about what happened, but once I saw  I realized it was not what I expected and it would hurt my image. My parents forced me to do it and I could not find another way out of suicide. “