What is the green lighting that will be visble tonight in the sky

A giant greenish-colored comet – which has been baptized “Incredible Hulk” due to its color and size – crosses the sky over time, constantly approaching the sun. “Hulk” will make its closest approach to Earth today, passing a safety margin of about 113 million kilometers.

The comet, with the solemn official name C / 2017 S3, was discovered by the PanSTARRS telescope in Hawaii in December 2017. Probably the first time it has “pierced” the inner area of ​​our solar system.

His observations so far have shown two bright indeterminate causes of explosions on the comet (one on June 30 and the second after two weeks), which suddenly made it much brighter. The second explosion created a huge cloud of gases around the comet, which is almost twice the size of Jupiter, reaching up to 260,000 kilometers.

The green shade of the comet is attributed to cyanide and carbon molecules, which are ionized when heated by the Sun, resulting in their electrons and protons being separated. According to NASA scientists, the comet will take a walk around the Sun in mid-August, and then begin to retreat to the frozen springs of our solar system.