Google’s Next Generation Atlas Robot

Meet the next generation Atlas Robot, created by Boston Dynamics… otherwise, known as Google, the almighty. This definitely isn’t Google’s very first robot; they have impressed us over the years with their humanoid robot models such as last year’s battery powered model.

However, the “next generation” model is way more awesome! This year’s version is smaller than its predecessor, approximately the size of your average guy – 180 pounds, 5 foot 9, tall, dark, handsome… all that jazz – and of course, remains wireless. Also, the robot’s performance has been improved making it better equipped for both indoor and outdoor usage, installed with sensors for balanced, as well as LIDAR and stereo sensors for navigation and avoidance.

But, alas, the poor humanoid is not immune to human cruelty… it has already been subject to physical abuse and bullying from its human trainers. They’re pushing it over with sticks, slamming boxes out of its hands, and who knows what else.

Just you wait for that Artificial Intelligence revolution all those sci-fi nerds keep talking about. Just you wait! You won’t be laughing much or bullying them when they’re hunting you down now, will you?