Google Pay makes payments via P2P

Earlier this year, Google has brought its two existing online payment and transaction services, Google Pay Send and Google Wallet, under a single platform called Google Pay, and to make it even stronger, it is constantly adding dynamic features with a a series of new updates.

Peer-to-peer payments are just one of the add-ons to the mobile payment platform, and while sending or requesting money through Google Pay Send, users can now do so directly from the Google Pay application, with a very simple process.

This new addition opens up a host of new features. Google Payments Product Manager, Gerardo Capiel, said: Once a user makes a payment through Google Pay, then they can ask for money from up to five people who will theoretically make things easier when he is out dining with some friends at a restaurant, that is, when one person pays one person to the account, then they can ask for money directly from the others for their share.

In addition to P2P payments, Google Pay can also store mobile tickets and boarding passes purchased on a new tab called Passes, which will also store gift cards. Initially only Ticketmaster and Southwest were available to buy event tickets and other events, but Google plans to add Vueling, Singapore Airlines and Eventbrite.

Unfortunately for iOS mobile users, the new Passes tab is only available for Android, but Google is working to bring this new feature to the other platforms. Users will also be able to access Google Pay via desktops.

Google has moved the issue one step further, since it will make Google Pay available in more countries, and will add support for more partner-issuing partners over the internet.