Google Home now understands Spanish

Google Home, the intelligent Google-based intelligent speaker, has learned a new language. From now on, the company’s three smart speakers – Google Home, Google Home Mini and Google Home Max – support the Spanish language, a special achievement, since it means that at some point it will extend to languages ​​other than English.

Now the intelligent speakers who understand Spanish can reproduce the top songs by giving the commands, playing the music list or setting the temperature on a thermostat connected to the internet, simply saying “Ok Google, sube at temperature del termostato”.

Here’s how you can turn Spanish on Google Home: Start the Google Home app from your smartphone, tap Devices from the slideout menu on the left, and select “Assistant language”. You will see three Spanish versions, which you can choose from Spain, Mexico and the USA.

Google also announced that Google Home and Google Home Mini will be available for sale in Mexico after they were already sold last week in Spain. Last February, Google said it would add 22 new languages ​​to Google Assistant – Google Voice Platform – by the end of 2018 and plans to launch more multilingual support at some point.

Sometime this year, starting with English, German and French, the Google Assistant will be able to understand many languages ​​without requiring users to change the settings. Spanish will be available to the Google Assistant from November.