How to get a much better erection: Four key factors

As  man goes through the fourth decade of his life (30 and above), he gradually begins to notice changes in his sexual capacity, particularly as regards sexual desire, but also the quality and duration of his erection during sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction increases as it enters the fifth decade (40+ years) and is one of the leading causes of concern for men globally.

Dr. David T. Derrer explains through WebMD some simple steps to help a man have a longer lasting and better quality erection. In general, what is bad for a man’s heart is also bad for his ability to have a strong erection in sex.


Research has shown that eating habits that can cause heart attacks due to limited blood flow to the coronary arteries can also prevent blood flow to and from the penis. Blood flow is essential for penile erection. Diets containing very few fruits and vegetables, along with many fatty, fried and processed foods, help reduce blood circulation throughout the body. Recent studies suggest that erectile dysfunction is relatively rare in men who follow a traditional Mediterranean diet, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats (eg nuts and olive oil), fish and wine (especially red).

Maintain a healthy body weight
Overweight can have many health problems, such as type 2 diabetes, which causes damage to the nerves throughout the body. If diabetes affects the nerves that feed the penis, then it is almost certain that you will also experience erectile dysfunction.

Hypertension and high cholesterol

Cholesterol and hypertension harm the blood vessels, including those that carry blood to the penis. This certainly leads to erectile dysfunction. Make sure you control your cholesterol levels and your blood pressure. Also, blood pressure regulators can make it harder for you to have an erection. But doctors point out that many cases of erectile dysfunction for which medication is judged to be “guilty” are actually due to arterial damage resulting from high blood pressure.

Be aware of alcohol consumption

There is no evidence that mild or even moderate alcohol consumption is poor for erectile function, but chronic excessive alcohol consumption can cause liver damage, nerve damage and other conditions that may affect the normal balance of male hormone levels, which in turn lead to erectile dysfunction.