George Clooney’s father reveals who the twins look like

The news of their birth monopolized the interest of the international lifestyle. Ella and Alexander came to life on Monday morning, June 6th. Their parents, George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin can only live the happiest moments of their lives.

It is a fact that we will be late enough to see a twin image, but George’s dad, Nik Clooney, reveals their features to Us Weekly. In fact, he says he saw them for the first time two hours after their birth through Skype Face Time. “Amal was simply wonderful. Babies are beautiful. George’s eyes shone and I can not say he was sober. The twins have dark hair, they look like their brunette mom. ”

George’s mother, of course, has another view. She insists that children look like her son. “Nina vows that children have George’s nose. Not both, one of the two. The son. I love their names, “added Nick Clonee.

“We are very happy and excited. It’s going to be an adventure. We have faced it with great love, “George Clooney said in the French TV program Rencontres de Cinema before the twins were born. As far as fatherhood is concerned in old age, the Hollywood star had said he was inspired by the 89-year-old French actor Jean Paul Belmondo who made a child with his second husband in the 70’s.