George Clooney was taken to hospital after traffic accident in Italy

In traffic accident with his scooter, in Sardinia, Italy, George Clooney was involved when he collided with a car. The famous actor was injured, and was taken to the hospital, with doctors reporting that his injuries are not serious.

The 57-year-old American was heading with his bike to the area where the new line starring “Catch 22” was shot. From the first information of the Italian media, and more specifically according to the Corriere della Sera, his most disturbing trauma lies in the basin area.

The accident occurred around 08:00 local time, near Clooney’s hotel, in Costa Coralina, at the 125th kilometer of the highway in the area. The cause of the collision between the two vehicles has so far not been known. The most important for the 57-year-old’s health is that he allegedly called for first aid, with the ambulance then taking him to the Olbia hospital.