She gave birth to the child of her undergraduate student

Almost every day, there is a case of a teacher-student sexual relationship with the US. This time, through the legal process, the details of an incredible relationship between a teacher and her student came to light, resulting in the pregnancy of the woman.

37-year-old Laura Cross gave birth in December to the baby of a minor pupil with whom she had relationships since the boy was between 13 and 14 years of age. The woman was working at Buchtel in Ohio, USA when she started calling the boy to sit in the pool of her home.

He slowly gained the confidence of both himself and his mother. His father did not ever see the teacher’s relationship with his son. The couple’s poor relationships, however, gave the teacher the opportunity to persuade her mother to allow her to have a common guardian of the boy, who eventually got her home.

However, rumors that the woman three years ago gave birth to the child of her undergraduate student gave and took and so the mother complained to the police. Cross was arrested and admitted her relationship with her student. Their child was born in 2015, while in the meantime Cross had resigned from the school that he was working on.

Cross has been detained and a warranty of 100,000 has been set