Free h****n to drug addicts for better quality of life

Norway, which has one of the highest rates of drug overdose death in Europe, will try to prescribe h****n free of charge to more marginalized drug addicts in order to improve their living conditions, the government said today.

The Norwegian Health and Health Affairs Directorate has been tasked with proposing an experimental plan that will primarily allow for identifying patients who could benefit from the program, to think about how to implement it and to identify costs.

“We hope that this will be a solution in order to give (…) a better quality of life to some drug addicts who are currently outside our field of action and where existing programs are not helping enough,” Health Minister Benedek Hoye explained. Facebook, as reported by the French Agency.

Norway has one of the largest overdose deaths in Europe with 81 deaths per million in 2015, behind Estonia (132 deaths per million) and Sweden (88 deaths per million), according to the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction .

Treatment with medically administered h****n, which has already been adopted or tested in Switzerland, the Netherlands and Denmark, is controversial, but its supporters believe that in addition to improving quality of life and reducing mortality, it also leads to a reduction in crime and the costs associated with it.

First h****n-based treatments are expected to start testing in the Scandinavian country early in 2020 at the earliest, the Health Ministry said in a statement.

Up to 400 drug addicts could benefit from this measure, according to the Aftenposten newspaper.