France has about 460 places reserved for nudist’s enjoyment

In a move that can be characterized as at least original, a wellness center in Paris invites nudists to participate in a range of sports such as yoga, aerobics in the water and swimming, with the instructors being  naked as participants.

These nudity sessions have been launched by the Paris Naturists’ Association, which is using. Roger Le Gall swimming pool, located in the 12th district of Paris, for two afternoons a week. While members are allowed to be naked, towels should always be used in fitness equipment and swimmers should always wear a bathing cap.

Paris also recently welcomed its first naked restaurant in the 12th district, hosting up to 40 naked visitors. This unusual restaurant is called O’naturel and is located on the 9th Rue de Gravelle, a short walk from the Metro.

Although this trend is not followed as a practice in modern society, it was common in antiquity, especially in ancient Greece. This tradition is also found in the etymology of the word “gym”. Based on this, the members of the Union claim that the initiative offers a return to our origins, a release from the material constraints of modern society.

In total, in France, there are about 460 places for “nude enjoyment”, including 155 camping sites and 73 beaches. More than 2.6 million people in France have made nudism a regular habit, according to the France 4 Naturisme link, making the idea of ​​a nudist restaurant a logical addition.