They found her missing child, but she was too tired to go and get it






Not one, not two, but 14 whole hours took for a mother to pick up her three-year-old son who had disappeared, as she said she was “too tired” to rush!

The expatriate British living in the coastal town of Spain, Torrevieja, reported the disappearance of the child after a night out with her friend. A woman finally found the three-year-old on the beach and alerted the authorities, finding her mother an hour later and informing her about the pleasant event.

But it took 11 more hours to contact the police station and two extra hours until she went to the police station to pick up her son! When the police officers asked her why he was so late, she was irrefutably justified that she was tired to go earlier. Social services sent the woman to court with charges of abandoning a child.

The young boy remains in the hands of social services until the police investigation is completed, as the prosecutor ordered. Who then said in the local media that the 34-year-old woman “was arrested last week after the police found her three-year-old son alone,” but left her free.

As for the vendor who found the little boy on the beach with his pajamas and socks handed him over to the police, he met an hour later “a woman on the beach looking for something” and informed her of the facts. The mother, of course, only excited did not show and was tragically late to contact the police station …