Former official was arrested for attempted espionage in favor of China

Former official of the US Department of Defense Intelligence (DIA) was arrested at the weekend for allegedly spying on the United States on behalf of China, announced on Monday the Ministry of Justice. The FBI captured 58-year-old Ron Rockwell Hansen on Saturday as he headed to Seattle International Airport to travel to China.

The justice ministry says Hansen accused of trying to give information on US national defense in China in exchange for “hundreds of thousands of dollars” acting illegally as an agent of the Chinese government. From Beijing, Hua Tunghing, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, said she did not know anything about the case.

“But surely lately there are some issues between China and the US. We believe that China and the United States are two major countries and both sides should do more to enhance cooperation and mutual trust, “Hua added.

Hansen is the last US official to be arrested in China’s spying investigations. Earlier this year, charges were filed against former CIA agent Jerry Chung Sing Li for conspiring to gather or provide information on US national security in China.

Still a former US security official, Kevin Malory, is also being tried in Virginia because he has sold secret information to China. In the new case announced yesterday, prosecutors have reported that Hansen speaks well with Mandarin and Russian.

He served in the DIA from 2000 to 2006 when he was in active military service and then continued to offer services as a citizen and contractor. For years, he had been allowed access to confidential documents. From 2013 to 2015, Hansen traveled between the US and China attending conferences and offering the information he gathered to the Chinese security services. He received money through remittances, cash or credit cards. He also allegedly exported illegally technology that was not allowed.