A flight attendant was caught on the airplane with $ 500,000 cash in her suitcase






How would you react if they caught you with cash you can not justify? And we are not talking about a few thousand dollars, but about $ 480,000! This happened to a flight attendant of Jet Airways when she tried to get this amount illegally out of the country.

25-year-old Devshi Kulshreshta saw the Authorities open her suitcase and take out 100-dollar packs, packed under her personal belongings. And because she knew the securitu system of the airports, they were wrapped in aluminum foil to get through the X-ray control.

The plane was about to take off from Delhi to Hong Kong on Monday morning when the intelligence agencies received information about the illegal trafficking of cash.

The flight attendant was finally a member of Amit Malhotra’s network, an Indian who has set up an international money-laundry circle. The big boss was sending millions of dollars through the flight attendant, as it became known from the investigations, they were¬† exchanging gold bars using the same system…