Flight AN-148 new shocking testimonies revealed the real causes of the deadly crash






New shocking testimonies revealed by the first shocking evidence of the air tragedy with the crash of the aircraft where a total of 71 people died. The plane crashed a few minutes after its take off from Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport.

An eyewitness said “The explosion was huge. I heard the noise from the turbines. Then silence. The explosion made the windows tremble here on the ground ” As Sky News reported, eyewitness reported that the fatal airplane broke up in the air, spreading debris and corpses to the ground, on a snowy slope, near the village of Argunovo.

Another witness told local media that he heard an explosion while the plane was still in the air. Other witnesses told the Russian agency Interfax that they saw the airplane fly in the air before it collapsed.

“It began to get destroyed in the air. The rescuers found dozens of dead bodies in the spot, “another source told the Russian agency Interfax. Officially, however, only two bodies have been identified

“There are no survivors”

The Russian prosecutor’s office, responsible for transport, said the 65 passengers and the six crew members of the Russian airline Saratov Airlines, who landed in a Moscow area, are all dead, the IFAX news agency reports.