Five questions about the historic appointment of Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump

Where is going to take place;

The only thing confirmed is that the meeting will be held by the end of May. If it is held in Pyongyang, it is certain that Trab will be welcomed with great fanfare. But the US president is in danger of giving the impression that he is going there to pay his respects.

The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), along the 38th parallel separating the Korean Peninsula and where Kim Jong-un meets with South Korea’s President Mun Jie-in at the end of April, may be the best idea for the place Kim-Trab meeting. Accessibility is easy on both sides, the security of the Pre-Guaranteed Zone, as well as the infrastructure for such meetings.

Choosing a foreign city with some symbolic significance, Peking or Geneva, where Kim went to university would mean involving a third country in the organization. Also, it would mean that the protagonists would have to move, and Kim has not come out of his country since his rise to power in 2011.

Seoul would not be a choice for the North, nor the city of Washington. But again, no one imagined for three months that Kim’s sister would travel to South Korea. The UN headquarters in New York is the seat of Trab, and it would again mean that Kim would be stepping on his American foot.

How will Trump be prepared?

The announcement in the White House garden to hold the meeting was less than 24 hours after US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had said the US “is still far from negotiating” with Pyongyang.

North Korean diplomats are known for their negotiating skills. However, since the election of Trab, the State Department has lost a number of specialists in the North Korea file, while Washington’s new ambassador to Seoul has not yet been appointed. US Special Representative for North Korea Policy Joseph Yun, who has been one of the main channels of communication with Pyongyang, has left his post for “personal reasons”.

How do they find each other?

Trump and Kim are completely different, but at the same time paradoxically resemble. The North Korean leader inherited power and was prepared for years. As for the billionaire, he is the most unlikely president in US history. Kim has far more experience – six years – and can remain in his post for decades, which means that the headlines of the regime’s newspapers on the next day of such a “historic meeting” do not really care about him.

But both men, who have exchanged heavy words, honor personal faith, have close relatives for their counselors and worship the directors. Donald Trump has been referring to the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčorganizing one day a military parade. Great military parades are the favorite sight of the Kim dynasty.

What is the role of Seoul?

All announcements of the latest developments come from South Korea. Seoul’s deputies have announced that Pyongyang is ready to discuss its nuclear arsenal and that Trab would accept a North Korean call at a summit.

In the first months of his presidency, Donald Trump played the Chinese paper to push North Korea and approached the Japanese Prime Minister, Sino Ampe, giving the impression that South Korea’s President Mou Jie-in was on the sidelines.

But the former lawyer, who was elected last May speaking openly for dialogue with the North, stood firm at the “Peace” Winter Olympics to call Pyongyang but without clashing with the “hard” approach of the Trump .

How will China react?

For decades, China has been the unconditional North Korean ally and its main diplomatic and economic partner. But relations between Beijing and Pyongyang are not at their best. And Kim did not go to Beijing to pay his respects to President Shi Jinping. China is angry with the subtlety of the young North Korean, with its successive nuclear and missile tests, and is increasingly showing its good will in terms of