The first vegeterian shark was discovered

Scientists have identified the world’s first known species of shark, which can eat 60% of their total food, the Chinese agency reports. Experts from the University of California and the International University of Florida in Miami decided to investigate the eating habits of squid sharks after they read in articles that this species often eats sea grass.

Plaice sharks, one of the smallest species in the family of hammerhead sharks, abound in the shallower waters of America where they usually eat crabs, shrimps, snails and small fish. During the survey, five of them followed a three-week diet consisting of seafood and squid.

Scientists have found that sharks have successfully harvested marine herbs containing enzymes and ingredients such as starch and cellulose. Also, all sharks during the diet got pounds … Findings published in the Royal Society’s journal in London overturn the hitherto perception that all sharks are exclusively meat-eating and have a “sarcophagus” gut.