The first nuclear submarine of India dived without closing the doors






India’s naval warrior reminded many of the traditional ways to destroy a $ 3 billion nuclear submarine.

As the Hindu newspaper says, a modern submarine is not a simple machine. Loss of power, unexpected water inflow or nuclear reactor problem or weapons can condemn the crew of a submarine. It also stresses that it is a good idea to close the buck door before diving …

This happened to the navy of India. The country’s first $ 2.9 billion nuclear submarine, INS Arihant, was out of service with official references to “human error” that allowed the flood compartment to flood since it did not insure the submarine’s external boot doors.

Fortunately when this happened the submarine was in the harbor. Since then, 10 months ago, the submarine has undergone extensive repairs and cleaning since several major systems near the nuclear reactor were eroded by the sea water they came into contact with.