The first billionaires of Bitcoin are twins!

This year will be the most amazing year for Bitcoin, the digital coin that employs impressive coding techniques to verify the transfer of funds.

Having remained virtually worthless for years and years, it was recently launched at $ 11,395 per coin, reaching an unexpected record. Even JP Morgan’s senior analyst Tom Lee has confirmed the optimistic estimates it wants to climb within five years to $ 25,000, endorsing his undisputed commercial success.

Equally stunning was the year for the twins Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, whom you can remember from the story of the lawsuit they filed against Mark Zackerberg accusing him of having stolen their idea of ​​Facebook. The twins, who went to Harvard and Mark, had invested $ 11 million in Bitcoin four years ago. And just last week it returned them 10,000%!

These are probably the first billionaires emerging from the territory of the controversial currency, which seven years ago costed nothing and now is the right treasure of investment …