The first 5G cell phones may come in 2018 at speeds of up to 4Gbps

Qualcomm estimates the first 5G smart phones will be released in 2018 instead of 2019, said Durga Vice President Prasad Malladi in an interview with the Economic Times today.

Though most telecom operators and device manufacturers will begin to make the 5G available to the general public next year, some of them aggressively ready to do so sometime this year with smartphones compatible with 5G standards offer twice or four times the speed in contrast to those 4G / LTE devices.

Malladi explained that, although almost all device manufacturers are planning to launch their services and devices in 2019 – starting especially in the early 2019 – some are particularly hasty and want to do this year, which is really considered a lot great risk if they do not come out, because they will be exposed irreparably, and there is a chance to suffer financial damage from this failed attempt.

Malladi also analyzed the issue of multi-band support – or the possibility of a device that will work on the various 5G radio frequencies. Qualcomm is committed to supporting telecommunications providers around the world with frequencies ranging from low bandwidth of 600MHz, midrange from 2.5-4.9GHz to very high bandwidths of 28 and 39GHz.

4Gbps speeds are feasible across all mid and high wave bands, but when implementing the network in real-world conditions, it is likely that performance will be reduced by the general public.