The fight of two childhood friends had a dramatic ending

Tragic ending had the fight of two child friends in the early hours of Sunday morning. 22-year-old Felix Puyols fell dead from his stabbing belly from his 20-year-old boyfriend Kahmari Rabbath in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood.

“I went out when I realized that what I heard was not laughter but a cry. There I saw a young man being dropped on the ground, “said Highland Oves, who lives across the house of the victim’s family. In fact, the woman said that earlier in the day the two youngsters had fun with other neighborhood children.

“They made videos, danced and sang – until this happened. He did not expect to do that. He did not even see it coming. Nobody expected it, “he said.

The police who rushed to the spot went to the arrest of the 20-year-old Rabbath, who faces charges of second-degree murder. The victim was transferred to Interfaith Hospital where he later succumbed to his trauma. As NY Post reports, witnesses told the police that they saw the accused trying to get into the victim’s house before the attack.

“Together they grew up. They always went together at the party, “said 32-year-old Travis Ben who knew the two young men. “Everyone knew them. The two families are connected with friendship. “