Father of six children had sex with his neighbour little..

A married man, father of six children had sex with his neighbor’s puppy.

The worst may be that the 10-year-old dog owner and his uncle caught him in the while he had sex when they heard the screaming of the animal from the garden. The 45-year-old Phanroi Mohachi sexually abused the 8-month-old puppy in Johannesburg, North Africa. Mohachi claimed he saw two dogs mating on his way to the public toilets.

Then he said he was tempted and chased the male dog. Then, he did the same with the female. The judge said that the acts of Mohamed and others like him, who had uncontrolled desires to sleep with any woman, child or animal, were obscene and must be stopped.

Finally, the 45-year-old has pleaded guilty to b********y and the judge sentenced him to five years in jail.