Father left his baby in the bathtub with hot water and went out for a cigarette

A 10-month-old baby from Sydney suffered second degree burns in 40% of his body after his father left it alone in the bathtub with hot water running while he went out to smoke a cigarette.
Then, the accused Atare Tepania struck the baby in the mouth with a bottle, according to court documents.

The 24-year-old admitted his guilt in Penrith’s court for the attack that caused serious body harm to the baby.
According to local media, Tepania left the baby in a hot water bathtub to run while he came out of the house to smoke a cigarette and control his cell phone.

The boy’s skin was peeled when he returned.

Then Tepania grabbed the baby from one hand and threw it violently on the floor.
The baby was crying and he threw it on a bed and threw cold water on it before trying to feed it with the bottle.

“The accused repeatedly pressed the bottle with enough force to cause serious injuries inside the victim’s mouth,” the court said.

“After that, he saw blood flowing from the mouth of the victim.”
The baby continued to cry, and Tepania hit him again causing injuries to his face and head.

The baby also broke his elbow and stayed in the hospital for 26 days.
Police later found traces of skin on the floor of the shower and the bathroom door and blood stains on the bed, at a towel and the carpet.

Tepania, whose tests showed that he was under drugs that day, told officers he was in a very bad condition.
“I do not know what I thought, I do not know … I do not think today,” the accused said.

A doctor said that the child’s burns could have been fatal, but fortunately the unfortunate baby managed to survive, through his adventure.