Father forced his 10-year-old daughter to eat dog food!

A sick father from Kansas, forced his little daughter 10-year-old Kelly Stamerfiled to eat from the family dog’s food. Monster father said to her that dog food is full of proteins and vitamins. The little girl had to eat the food or else her father would beat her up. The girl’s mother had died 3 years ago so there was no one that could take care of the child.

Fortunately the neighbors heard the little girl screaming and called the police. When the police arrived at the house, they were shocked when they saw the little girl eating dog food from a bowl. Neighbors knew that the father had physiological problems from the time that he lost his wife.

But they could never believe that he could harm his daughter. As a close friend of his said “John 3 years ago lost his wife, he started drinking but he never harmed his daughter. I can’t believe he did something like that.” John Stamerfiled 42-year-old was accused of child abuse, as the judge said this is one of the sickest cases he had ever seen.

John Stamerfiled was imprisoned for 35 years. Child will be given to a foster family.