Father denounced his son to the police when he found on his cell phone nude photos of a 2 year-old-girl






A father reported his son to the police when he found pictures of a naked child on his cell phone. On December 30, Paul Spensberger reported his 17-year-old son Andrew in the early hours of O’Fallon, Missouri, after he found the photos on his phone.

The two photos were of a 2-year-old girl who was a relative of Andrew’s friend and were taken shortly. The little girl was sleeping while she was captured. Paul found them after he confiscated his son’s phone as a punishment for his bad behavior.

“Andrew is a thief, but he does not have such perversions. He was desperate for the money … and I have no doubt that there are kids in his school who would buy something like that.”

Paul came into contact with the child’s family and the girl’s parents say they have forgiven his son. He, on the other hand, is between giving his terrified son a lesson and seeing him facing up to seven years in prison. Finally, Paul advises other parents to do the same thing like him if they ever find similar pictures on their children’s cell phones.

“It’s disgusting, it’s immoral and that should not happen,” Paul said.

Andrew was arrested for child pornography and will be detained until the next court. His father has not yet decided whether to hire him a lawyer or not, but said he has already consulted several. He also said that his mother, with whom he is separated, is afraid that her son may remain in jail because of the charges he is facing.