Family chose the wrong place for a picnic!

A family of tourists was hunted by felines after they decided to leave their vehicle in a zoo in the Netherlands despite the fact that there was a cattle herd nearby: the video of “tracking” posted on You Tube has become viral and millions users have been rushing to see it.

In the shootings taken Monday at the Beekse Bergen Zoological Park (south), the French family, according to the Dutch media, is getting out of the car with the intention of admiring the felines.

It seems that these tourists are indifferent to the conditions of the safari, where the wild animals live almost freely and the visitors are seeing them with their vehicle on a specific route, and decide to approach the carnivorous mammals at a distance of a few tens of meters.

The scene is recorded with his camera by 24-year-old Robin de Graaf, who remains “very shocked” by the events. “We have not seen the animals for a while,” he told Dutch NOS television network. The 24-year-old, along with his mother, “tried to alert them by making signals to return to their car, in vain,” as the young man pointed out.