Facts about brain functions!

1. In our brain, there is no difference between reality and imagination.
Our brain responds to every thought and can not distinguish a fact from a fantasy. This is the reason that people who look at the world through pink glasses feel happier and this is the reason why our body receives a placebo as an actual medicine.

2. Mental work does not tire the brain.
The feeling of brain fatigue is because of our emotions. The composition of blood flowing through the brain during active operations remains unchanged.

3. More often the brain works automatically.
More than half of current thoughts are thoughts of yesterday. That is why it is so difficult for pessimists to change their perception of the world. Must literally “clean” their mind and react to positive things more often.

4. We see what you think.
Any thoughts are transformed into life experiences. For example, if your dream is a trip to Paris, you will see reminders of this city everywhere. If you want to change the world around you, change your thoughts.

5. Our brain needs exercise just like our muscles.
The brain is no different than muscles: it also takes practice. To learn, the workouts in clean air, a healthy diet, adequate sleep, travel to new places, new activities, notes, dancing, and even playing Tetris are all useful for our brains.