Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and Apple declared the war at Infowars

YouTube, Facebook, Spotify and Apple announced today that they have deleted and banned the content of American conspirator Alex Jones. A message posted on YouTube’s Jones channel has reported terminating for violating YouTube’s instructions. Jones had about 2.5 million subscribers before being deleted.

“Facebook, Apple, and Spotify have completely blocked us,” Jones said in a Twitter post. “What conservative news media will be next?”

Facebook initially reported removing 4 videos on 4 Facebook pages related to Jones for violating the social networking policy of hate speech and bullying. Later, he removed more content from some pages after reports he received about the material they contained.

The company underlined that it removed the pages because of the “worship of violence, violating the brutal violence policy and the use of inhumane language for the characterization of transgender, Muslim and immigrant, violating hate speech policies.”

Facebook also put Jones on a “30-day ban on his role in posting content that violates the rules on these pages.” In addition, most of Jowe’s recorded recordings from Infowars were also removed from Apple’s iTunes and applications, BuzzFeed said. An Apple spokesman said the company “does not tolerate hate speech”.

Spotify also announced today that it has removed all Infowars programs from its platform.

In Jones’s far-right Infowars radio network, a text that says YouTube banned The Alex Jones Channel was posted. In the text, questions are expressed about the timing of this move, noting that it “comes just before the mid-2018 elections in which the establishment tries to stifle President Trump’s agenda.”

At the same time, it is highlighted in the text that Google made this move at the same time as making a “censored search engine” for China that fades out on human rights and religion. Chinese media refused such plans. Google did not comment.

Since he founded Infowars in 1999, Jones, a prominent supporter of the US president, has gained a massive audience. Among the theories he has promoted is that the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, were directed by the government, that former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have been “taken over by the devil”.

In October 2016, the far-right producer had launched a contest on his radio network promising $ 5,000 to any of the listeners crying “Bill Clinton is a rapist.”

Among other things, he propagated the theory that the massacre, one of the longest in American history, at the Sandy Hook Primary School in 2012 where 26 people, including 20 children aged 6-7, were killed when a young armed man, Adam Langea, invaded and opened fire was a legend. Families of the victims have appealed to justice.