Facebook confessed that secret services use it for fake informations

Facebook announced in a statement that several states are using the popular platform to manipulate public opinion. This was also the case during the presidential elections in the US and France, but the company promises to do everything to eliminate these “information businesses”.

The company’s security director published a paper on Thursday afternoon, which highlighted the detailed and crafty techniques that states and other organizations use to promote seductive information and falsehoods for their own political purposes.

In addition, the document highlights how these efforts even seem to be funded by specific people. The company reports that this kind of misinformation is not exactly the same thing as “false news”, which has been much talked about lately.

The first and simplest way Facebook is used by these agencies for their own interests is to spread their content to public. A second way is to collect information about people who want to learn more things, and the third is to create false accounts aimed at strengthening a specific political position and questioning the validity and integrity of opposing positions.

“We need to broaden our security benefits beyond detecting routine abusive behaviors, such as account hacking, spam, financial scams, and malware. The time has come to include the most insidious and disruptive forms of abuse of our platform, which often seek to manipulate dialogue and deceive people, “the company said in its statement.

Facebook before the French elections cut off 30,000 accounts in an attempt to suppress the disinformation system. The company said its biggest priority is initially to remove suspicious accounts, which raise a large number of posts and have a large audience.

The company continued its revelations by saying that it was able to distinguish “various situations” that were also actively operating in the US elections. They identified a number of “malicious actors” using social media to share information stolen from other sources while “intent on harming the reputation of specific political goals”.

But this technique does not stop there. The same people build entire web sites to support their words, and thus encourage their online friends to read the “truth” themselves. At the same time, another group of malicious actors created fake Facebook accounts to inflate narratives and issues related to this stolen information. The company did not clarify what stolen information it was referring to, but we know that tens of thousands of emails were blunted during the Clinton campaign.