The extreme training of Chinese Hostesses

If you have traveled to China then you might have noticed something different about flight attendants, although again belong to the category of those that you didn’t had the chance yet to see their training, because in China the training of flight attendants is “science”.
The tests that must pass the hostesses in China, we could say that resemble those of the soldiers, as apart from the countless rehearsals and nobility exercises and good behavior, not to catch any undigested passenger and  throw him from the plane.
In college of flight attendants in the city Chengdu trainees hostesses (women and men) have to prove every day that are keen to become professional through many exercises not only easy to say.

Apart from the attitude of the body, which should be more straight and pole must have the perfect friendly smile, with theirmouth open as much and no more (not to misunderstand and passengers).
While, the way they approach their “soft-spoken” passengers should be specific and of course always friendly, because as we know “the customer is always right”.

Thus, they manage to keep a piece of paper between their legs and are so flexible, so they can serve up a small child.
And because security is always important, the flight attendants should be and commando for any security issue, so they go through martial arts training.