Exchange of fire on a ship between mercenaries and Somali pirates

Fire exchange between Somali pirates and private cargo ship security is captured on a  video that is all over the Internet. At the beginning of the video there is a speedboat which is approaching the merchant ship at a very high speed. One of the men of the private security company, above the ship, begins to fire to the pirates, warning. The speedboat is approaching the cargo ship, the shots from the private guard man continue and finally is getting away.

A second speedboat with pirates, but already on the horizon is approaching the cargo ship! Men in private security continue to shot and eventually both boats retreat. The video was posted on the Internet on April 20th, has exceeded 8 million views and, according to Daily Mail, is believed to have come from an Indian Ocean piracy attempt in 2012. Last month, pirates seized an oil tanker on the Somali coast. It is the first major merchant piracy on this important trade route since 2012.

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