Employee shared his cannabis cake with his colleagues

A 30-year-old decided to treat his colleagues at work by offering them a delicious chocolate cake enriched with cannabis: three of them ate it, ignoring its ingredients, they were ill and turned judiciously against him. On Wednesday, the offender’s prank suspect was sentenced to a fine by a court in Bordeaux.

Last February, a former employee at a women’s store in Boganos left the cake in the break room without telling his colleagues what he was its main ingredient. Three of them tried it and very quickly felt sick. When it became known who was the suspect and what he did, they filed a lawsuit.

“I am truly sorry. I did not want to hurt anyone, “the 30-year-old said, arguing he just wanted to make a joke. ” In the meantime, however, he lost his job because of this case.

The court found him guilty of “deliberate harmful substance” and “exposure to danger” and sentenced him to pay a fine of 600 euros. He will also have to compensate his victims for an amount of 500 euros each.
It should be noted that the same person had previously been convicted of negligent homicide following a road accident as it was found to be under the influence of drugs.