Elvis Costello’s battle with cancer

British singer Elvis Costello announced today that he cancels the remaining concerts of his tour in Europe after his recent surgery to cope with a “very aggressive cancer”. The 63-year-old composer, whose songs include Oliver’s Army, Everyday I write the Book and Alison, apologizes to his fans for canceling the last six concerts of his tour, including Croatia, Austria, Norway and Sweden for serious medical reasons.

He apologizes to those who bought tickets and waited for his concerts. Without clarifying the cancer he is suffering from, he writes that according to his doctors “he is very aggressive.”

“Six weeks ago, the doctor phoned me and said,” You have to start playing Lotto, “Costello writes in his lengthy announcement. “Rarely, if ever, he had seen such a small but so aggressive malignant tumor that could be defeated by just one operation.”

Costello writes that he was delighted that the tour would continue, but he had not realized how much the demands for such great performances on the stage every night would have made it hard to recover after the surgery. His doctor advised him to take a break to rest.

“The spirit is more than willing, but now I have to accept that it will take more time than I would like for my full recovery. Consequently, I am compelled, despite my will, to cancel all the commitments that have been left on this tour. ”

Elvis Costello, whose real name is Dylan Patrick Mc Manus, became famous in the 1970s, and has since made a number of important recordings with his band The Attractions and The Imposters. He writes that his new album will be released in October. “We will come back as soon as possible to play this music and your favorite songs, which still means something for us all.”