Elon Musk will start manufacturing a device which will connect human brain with a pc

Elon Musk generally has the reputation of an unusual man who often goes into controversial comments smoking m*******a live in broadcasts while uttering his anti-cooperative beliefs without hesitation.

Musk this time again manages to attract the spotlight by announcing his desire to create a superman. Let us be more specific. He recently said in an interview that he is preparing a new product called Neuralink, which aims to make the human brain even smarter by linking it to a computer and creating an improved kind of human, superhuman.

Going one step further on his idea, Musk explained that his vision is still at the forefront, but we will soon hear news from his action.

“In some months from now, we will probably announce something very interesting. If everything goes well, whoever wants will be able to gain superhuman knowledge. Think how smart you feel by using a smartphone. Your phone can remember videos and pictures for you, and it is already an extension of your hand today, so you are already a “cyber-organism” and you do not realize it most. We will do that even more, “Musk said of his new product.

It is noted that this technology was originally developed to treat brain diseases. Neuralink is called in the meantime and the company founded by Elon Musk along with eight other partners in order to revolutionize neurotoxicology.