Elon Musk revealed his old password, a tribute to his greatest helper

Elon Musk conquered electric car and now Space, but he would not do it without a little help. A help that is just revealed in his old password.

So recently, when he launched his latest missile, block 5 of the famous Falcon 9, he told reporters gathered for the happy event: “NASA has been a fantastic partner for us. I love NASA so much that my password was literally this: ILoveNASA! As a friend who really cares, it can be a big trouble, but I love NASA so much. ”

And he does well, as in 2008 SpaceX faced a direct survival problem, as the three attempts to launch Falcon 1 had failed, and Elon was on the brink of bankruptcy. Like a miracle, he said, his rocket rocketed on the fourth of September 28, when he secured wealthy contracts with NASA.

So much so that by 2012 it had received more than $ 500 million from the US space agency and in advance an amount now measured in billions …