Eggs increase the intelligence of babies






According to new studies, pregnant women eat up to nine eggs a day will give birth to babies with increased IQ.

The explanation is that eggs contain high amounts of choline, a substance that enhances children’s memory as well as their ability to process information.

Experts recommend to future mothers to ingest 480mg of this nutrient per day (note that on average, an egg yolk contains about 115 mg of choline), however, according to the study, almost double this amount is required for optimal results and particularly high IQ.

However, because it is not feasible to consume nine eggs a day, especially when they are associated with high cholesterol, we can turn to other sources of this very nutrient. Such are red meat, fish, poultry, legumes and nuts.

How the investigation was conducted

Researchers from Cornell University attended 26 pregnant women who were in the third trimester of their pregnancy.
Half of the women who participated in the study were given 480 mg of choline daily, while the remaining 930 mg.

The participants’ infants were evaluated for their data processing speed and memory at four, seven, ten and thirteen months of age.