The dwarf pornstar with the rare disease that has conquered Japan

Kohei Nishi looks like a child because of height, but he is one of the hardest working and popular p**n stars in Japan. It has a height of just over a meter, but with its presence and qualifications has fascinated Japan, becoming one of the most successful pornstar in the Far East!

“No man looks like a child more than me,” Kohei Nishi says in VICE and it seems that this is the “key” for his success. Besides, the presence of dwarves in pornography is not an innovation, but it all seems to depend on the way and the 24-year-old Japanese seems to succeed at it!

It has a greater impact on young people and women, which it captivates, despite the fact that he can not open a bottle of wine without help. This happens because of the rare condition that follows him from the day of his birth. It is the incurable “mucopolysaccharidosis” that limits body growth and height, while making the body vulnerable to spinal cord injuries.

“At least in my profession, most of the time I’m working lying down, so I’m not in danger. More difficult for me is to get an erection when I have so many people around me with cameras and microphones to see me, “says Kohei Nishi , at least frankly.