A drunk tourist returned home by taxi, crossing three countries






The amount of 1,866 euros was charged a drunken Norwegian from a taxi driver.

Having traveled to Copenhagen to spend New Year’s Eve, the man of the unusual incident had the bright idea of ​​returning home by taxi. Without thinking about it, he stopped the taxi driver in the Danish capital, telling him that the destination is Oslo (about 600 km away). “Get in” was the taxi driver’s answer.

The hired vehicle passed from three countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway), transferring the 40-year-old to his home, according to the BBC. When the time for payment came, the man opened the door and left without paying. He was locked up in his house, refusing to pay. The taxi driver called the police.

As if he did not get paid, the taxi driver found that the vehicle was out of battery. When the police arrived at the scene and entered the 40-year-old’s home, they found him sleeping in his bed. After waking him up, they informed him about the situation, with the man finally accepting to pay the bill.