Driving a car in Mars






The world’s most powerful rocket will attempt to launch the American businessman Elon Mask today at the Kennedy Space Center. The Falcon Heavy missile will not be manned on his maiden flight. It will carry only one object, a Tesla-made car, and that of Elon Mask. In the driver’s seat is sitting a doll with an astronaut suit.

The radio will play the classic “Space Oddity” by David Bowie as the vehicle attempts to get into an elliptical orbit like the orbit of Mars around the sun.






“The car will reach 400 million kilometers from Earth,” Mask said yesterday to reporters. “We estimate it will remain in orbit for hundreds of millions of years.” Three cameras placed on it “will offer epic images” according to him.

Thousands of viewers are expected to watch the launch.

Mask company SpaceX will postpone the launch for tomorrow if there are delays and technical problems in its timetable.