Donald Trump’s first check-up results






Donald Trump will be presenting his first medical exam during the US presidency tomorrow and the BBC wonders what the president should expect from the Atria check-up. As the article says, the American president will have good and bad news from his doctor. He does not drink, never drank. He learned his lesson from his older brother Fred, who was an alcoholic and died at age 43.

He also does not smoke. “I see people smoke” had said in 2015 “it looks horrible”. And now the bad news. A recently released book describes the “four main groups of foods” consumed during his election campaign: McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza, Coca-Cola diet.

According to the book, his dinner consisted of two Big Macs, two sandwiches with fish fillet and a milkshake chocolate. A total of 2,430 calories while the recommended daily calorie intake for a man is 2,500. As for physical exercise, Trump does not seem to include it on his agenda. Even when playing golf, he uses the golf car to move into the court.

Source also argues that the American president believes that the human body functions “like a battery with a certain amount of energy that exercise is exhausted”.






For someone who has got his cupboards filled with stuffed biscuits and crisps, the president’s health is in good shape. In September 2016, two months before his election, he published data from his medical examinations: good cholesterol, ideal pressure, all good in the liver and thyroid, a “pure” colonoscopy.

“In summary,” Dr Harold Bornstein’s his doctor for years wrote, “Trump’s health is excellent.”

However, the London doctor Sara Kayat, who thinks Trump risks and has a “horrible” diet, does not have the same view.

“He’s not only consumes foods high in fat and salt but does not consume fruits and vegetables because he consumes large quantities of other foods. Low-fat and high-fat diet high in saturated fats is likely to contribute to coronary heart disease, cancer and diabetes, “she stressed.

The doctor emphasizes that Trump can benefit because he does not drink or smoke, but physical exercise is vital. “People who do not exercise are twice as likely to have heart disease as those who are exercising regularly,” explains the doctor.

Though the mental health of Trump is in question, Friday’s examination will not check his mental health. “It is a match” was the representative comment of his spokesman, while the president himself was self-classified through Twitter “mentally very stable”. As the BBC explains, Donald Trump does not have to publish his medical records, but his spokesman said that White House doctor Rony Jackson would make a statement.